Into the mind of the tiniest one man wrecking crew you ever saw

Being a songwriter requires a lot of faith. You have to believe in yourself first and foremost. You have to believe that when lighting strikes in the inspiration department you’ll be able to pull the trigger and turn it into something.

All the pressure rests on you. There is no band to blame. No one else to get ideas from. But I think right now that’s what I’m needing.

Ive been SUPER frustrated in the inspiration department. I know, I know. If I was good, I could just write about anything and everything. For some reasons songs about deep fat fryers and watching for transfer news in European football on the internet doesn’t seem like the richest subject matter. And I can only write about how I’m stuck and hate where I’m at so many times.

I believe in myself as far as my ability to put something together. But finding the thing is proving challenging.

I officially hate the songs on my EP. Not cause they are bad (Well, thats really up to each persons opinion) but because Ive heard them 300 million times. And also because Im tired of playing them over and over again. You figured I’d be able to play them flawlessly but I still suck shit at these songs. I never was much of a player.

I’m hoping to have everything done this September. It will require one more influx of cash to finish this up. but then I can get it done and get it out in the open.

And figure out what the hell I’m going to do from there.

Well, that’s life.

Deuces, HH


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