Lower Fidelity



So anyway, I started mixing the record. and I mean REALLY mixing the record. The chasing of the sounds has begun, and MORE then a little bit of editing and engineering magic has made it’s way onto and into the tracks. We are putting all the pieces together and TRYING to get the ep to sound the way I want it.

My producer/engineer is a lovely gentleman named Joe Rodriguez. He plays for a little band called “A Flock of Seagulls”. The “guy with the hair”/ AFOS frontman is a delightful fellow named Mike Score. and one of the MANY cool things about this project (more details will come later , I assure you) is that I am using his personal microphone to re-track all of my vocals. Yep, I got my grubby little mitts (with permission) on the official custom modded “seagulls” Mic. 🙂 I roll with the flock now, bitches. haha


 Anyway, Joe has had his hands full trying to correct and repair some pretty shoddy editing work from the last studio I was at, and let me tell you, the guy is a miracle worker. Somehow he takes the words that are coming out of my mouth and turns them into the sounds that are going into your ears.

as for the direction of this vessel, we’re currently steering this ship into warmer waters. Warmer, LOWER FI waters.


We’re ALSO re-tracking all my vocals. My first foray into vocal tracking produced mixed results, so this time, with a little guidance, we are gonna see if we can get some takes that are a little more reflective of what I’m capable of as an “artist”. (yep, lets use that term loosely there people.)

All this stuff is new to me, this is my first recording, so I’m learning on the fly. I have to say, with the stellar lineup I have, and the absolute BEAST of an engineer Joe is, album is turning out better then I ever thought it would. Hell, I might even be a little EXCITED to put this out.


We’ll, I suppose that’s an update, plus, who even reads this crap (or knows it exists)


If you made it this far, you are a class act, and I appreciate you more then you know.

Someplaces own,



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