I need more allowance!!! (yo da lay ee whoo) Why? BECAUSE I DO.

Working hard, or hardly working. 


the age old question posed by every manager at every job I’ve ever had. Usually followed by something just as clever like, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean”.


Yep. So there’s that. 


Now on to the fun stuff. I’m gonna be getting a crash course in guitarification (that’s the ancient Chinese art of becoming one with an electric guitar) so that I can get up to speed (and possibly over speed) with this band I’m trying to hook up with with my buddy Joe Rodriguez, legendary Oracle, see-er, and mystic and also lead guitar player for 80’s icons “A Flock of Seagulls”. 

Did you know I don’t play electric guitar very well? Of course not. But I don’t. Because I’ve spent all of my time playing the acoustic guitar. and they are INDEED different beasts. 


Oh, and on a non music/ slightly music related not, i’ll be making a pation out behind my house. I CANNOT wait for that. 

and ALL the bands I like (and some I’m good friends with) are ALL coming to town in the next couple months, so I keep missing work. Which would be 100% awesome except i never work anyway and It means I have no money to go see any of the bands I like/ am friends with. AH, the duality of life. 


and now for the only part anyone should slightly care about, The record should be coming out early 2014….I think….

That is the tentative date we’ve put on it, barring any setbacks, now that I sort of know what the hell is going on. 


I guess that’s an update for now


Oh, and one time someone did something cool in a place that I lived THAT ISN’T COOL


Someplace’s own






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