Gram Parsons, The Roots of Country Rock, and my new house

Me and Jon Corneal

Me and Jon Corneal

As some of you may know, I am a fan of Gram Parsons music, and even had the chance to work with his pedal steel player from “The Fallen Angels” band on my record, Neil Flanz. (My record should be out first half of this year, barring any set backs, just FYI)

So now, where were we?

ahhh yes. I was going to tell you about the lecture I attended, given by Edward R. Murrow award and 3 time Emmy winning reporter and author, Bob Kealing. About his new book, “CALLING ME HOME: Gram Parsons and the roots of country rock”.

What an amazing experience. As luck would have it, Gram was born and raised in Winter Haven, FL, (the next town over from my current base of operations). I got to learn about central Florida’s musical roots,(and the INCREDIBLE amount of GREAT bands from the area) as well as see unreleased pictures of Gram Parsons, Hear unreleased young Parsons recording, AND meet many of Gram’s close personal friends INCLUDING the first drummer of country rock, Mr. Jon Corneal.

This is the man who played drums on the groundbreaking record “SAFE AT HOME” by The International Submarine Band, as well as being an original member of The FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS. Don’t believe me?

The Nudie Suit


Replete with Seminole indian stripes, Palm trees, Alligators, and a Riverboat.

This is THE drummer from “The Gilded Palace of Sin”.

He also did session work for Chet Atkins, was Loretta Lynn’s drummer, Played and recorded with Warren Zevon and the Glaser Brothers (who wrote the song “Streets Of Baltimore” and were Outlaw country running pals of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson)

The book is fantastic as well, just in case you were wondering. It certainly worth picking up, or at least checking out. (it’s got all sorts of never before shared info and pictures), and as someone who has read multiple books on the life of Gram Parsons, I can tell you this is a great and interesting read.

OH. and I moved into a new house 🙂 pretty pumped about that, too!

It’s a cool, 2 story historic home built in 1918. Plenty O’ Character AND space! 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Someplace’s own,



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