Ok, so, the wild and crazy month (plus some) recap

Alright, so, where to start.

I guess at the end of June…….?

So what have I been up to?

At the end of June, my good friend (and fantasy football commissioner) Chris and his kids came down from Ohio and we all went to SeaWorld, followed by one of my favorite past times, a minor league baseball game. We had a blast, and it really makes me miss being up north. Hopefully I’ll get back up there sooner rather than later.
At the very beginning of July, my buddies in the rock band SOCIALBURN reunited and played some 10 year anniversary shows around Florida. They’re absolutely KILLER live, and it was great to get to watch them play, as well as hang out afterwards. A Bill full of Tallahassee bands and they all kicked ass 🙂

Shortly after that, My buddy BJ from American Aquarium came to town on a solo jaunt round the USA, and we got a chance to catch up, and I got to hear some DAMN fine “sad bastard songs” played by one of the hardest working guys in the industry. I also finally got a shirt for my buddy George (he’d been asking for one forever).

What came next?

Oh yeah. I got tickets to see Orlando City (you should all know by now that I’m a big Orlando City fan) play against West Bromwich Albion. That was a great time. I got to see England International and all around bad ass Joleon Lescott play, and there was a bucket full of goals scored. Which, you know, is always fun. (HOORAY CONFETTI CANON!)

Lemme check the calendar to see what came next

At some point during the month (the whole thing is a blur) I ended up picking up a new gig working for a Radio show called “The Savage-Turner Rock Express”, hosted by this fella Ric Savage, a former pro wrestler and star of “Savage Family Diggers” on Spike TV, and Erik Turner, the lead guitarist of the rock band WARRANT.

I can’t even remember everything that happened…

Somewhere in there, I hung out with my step brother who’s in the Air Force, as he’s getting ready to deploy again. We always have a ton of fun, and it’s just great to get the chance to sit down and relax with a best friend.

I’m sure I’m missing things….

There was another hang out trip, where I got the chance to go to and explore MacDill Air Force Base. That was pretty cool. They have a private beach on the bay! There was A Flock Of Seagulls gig on the list, followed by Tampa Bay Comic Con.

Comic con was a blast, but JESUS was it exhausting (DragonCon is coming, too)

I had the chance to hangout and have lunch with Billy West (futurama, ren and stimpy, Doug) who is an IDOL of mine, as well as a really nice guy, and Tom Kenny ( Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time) whos an absolute sweetheart in his own right. and of course, my buddy I see every week, George Lowe (Space Ghost, ATHF, Robot Chicken).

A HILLARIOUS group of guys if there ever was one, I spent three days running round talking music, werewolves and hats with those fellas.

I also had a chance to bust in on Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones on Dr Who) and got to briefly chat w/ Sand Snakes Jessica Henwick and Keisha castle-hughes (Game of Thrones)

AND I met the SWEETEST human being alive, the beautiful Lea Thompson (back to the future, Separated at Birth)
What an absolute pleasure.

Got to touch base w/ my artist buddy Nathan Szerdy, aka the guy who did my album art.
If you don’t know him, LOOK HIM UP! his shit is KILLER!
Plus a bunch of my friends came to visit me at the show!!! SO COOL!!!

And I made a few new ones, too. Here’s to you Danielle, Connie and Nick for keeping that nuthouse running!

Somewhere in here I did a ton of Fantasy Football research, practiced guitar, ate food and drank coffee, and tried to have a life.

THAT was all followed by our yearly fantasy football draft, which is ALWAYS a TON OF FUN (and shit talk) and ANOTHER ORLANDO CITY GAME vs Philadelphia Union.

My roomie scored tickets from his work, so we went out and had a blast, ate the best chicken wings EVER, and got ICE CREAM!

Lord, I don’t even know where I am right now…. More work to be done, more radio show guests to be wrangled, more friends to be helped, more new glasses to be broken in, more things to fix on my car….


and, the MASTERS OF MY ALBUM have started coming in!!!


It has been a BEAUTIFULLY CHAOTIC MONTH (plus the end of one and beginning of another) and it looks like it’s gonna keep on coming!

Now. to add some pictures!

Someplaces own,



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