Currently living in the in between

But aren’t I always? haha

So, here’s what I’ve been up to since the last update.

I haven’t been able to play guitar, so, that’s still a thing, but I’ve been involved in lots of other fun.

For those of you who may not know, I have other skills that I enjoy using, outside of playing music (though they’re all mostly in my preferred field of entertainment).

I work for a radio show, called “The Savage-Turner Rock Express”. The show is hosted by Ric Savage, former pro wrestler and star of Spike TV’s “Savage Family Diggers” and Erik Turner, guitarist for the rock band “Warrant”. (Cherry Pie. Yep, you know the one 🙂 I’m a segment producer for the show, and get to talk with a ton of cool people. Ric and Erik are great guys, and I absolutely love working with them.

I’m still working for Space Ghost, albeit, a bit more behind the scenes, seeing as I relocated to North Florida, so I haven’t been able to do the last few cons with him, and it’s a total bummer. He’s one of my best buds, and we have a BLAST hanging out together.

but the majority of my time has been invested into helping the INCREDIBLY talented Chris Stalcup promote his new record “Downhearted Fools” which recently came out via Dirtleg Records. A more genuinely nice guy you will not find, and just an incredible artist. I have been SO PROUD to call myself a part of the team. His record debuted at #10 on the RMR Charts, and has been in Paste Magazine, Magnet Magazine, and Pop Matters, amongst a whole host of others. We’re about to hit 25,000 plays of the single on Spotify as well, which I’m pretty proud of.




and for my latest foray, I’ve found myself involved in FILM!


Yep, this is a new one for me, as music is the realm I’m most well acquainted with. But I do not fear a challenge!

I’m working on a pilot/sizzle for the series “Comedy School for Girls” by the AMAZING and WICKEDLY talented Moreen Littrell. I even got my own IMDb!! It’s under my birth name “Jeffery Errol Morrison”, should you need proof. Moreen is brilliant, and has assembled such a great cast of people to make this thing come to life. I’m so thankful I was able to play a part in it.




Plus, I have a real life outside of all this nonsense 🙂




So, as you can see, no thumbs are being twiddled. and these are ongoing projects!




All that said. Almost every day that goes by, I hear from someone about my music. My personal songs. and record. and future recordings.

and as much as I try and hide my head, the elephant is there. And as we all know, elephants never forget, and he won’t let me either.

It’s so incredible and encouraging to have people reach out and ask, enquiring as to when they can hear more of my music. It’s incredible to think anyone cares at all. But EVERY DAY, I swear, I hear from someone in some way, and to those people I am eternally grateful. They are the one’s I can not let down.

The plan is in the works to get this record properly released, AND there are PRELIMINARY plans in place for a FOLLOW UP RECORD. Back when I could still play, I put together about 30 songs for the next record, and I know at least 5 of them must be decent enough to record 🙂

I DON’T KNOW what the future holds as far as my music career goes. Will I be able to get back to regularly playing? Will I be able to get back out playing shows? I have no idea. and for now, that has to be ok. Because that’s what it is. It is what it is.

I am hopeful for the future, and I appreciate you so much more that you’ll every know.

Someplace’s own,