Listening to Sleepy Vikings- They will find you here album.

One of my FAVES!!!!



Got a couple of cool mixes in the bag, and I have to say (we’ll, I don’t have to, but I will) that this ep is going to turn out better then ANYTHING I could have dreamed up.


Joe Rod is a TERRIFIC engineer, and is WHIPPING these bad boys into shape.

AND, all the preliminary feedback has been INCREDIBLY positive. I am VERY grateful.


Working and working away. It’s coming!


OH. I also played a fun little gig here in town, Wrote a song about a lizard, played all the covers I knew, scored some tips and made some new friends/fans. I think I might have played for about 2 hours, and my voice was find the whole time.

Which I didn’t realize until after the show.

Battling these vocals issues has been a son of a bitch, a complete confidence robber, and one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with.

But hey, maybe if I relax a litlle bit, so a little dance and just have fun, it’ll all be all



Just wanted you to know you are loved,

Someplace’s own,




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