Where’d my hat go?

So what are you supposed to write on these things? How you spent the last two hours trying to decide between snare sounds, listening to the same snippets a million times in a row until they are drilled into your brain and you can probably hear them in you sleep?

These are the kinds of things that go into making a “record”. That go into “art”.

All these little flavors and textures and vibes. Things that the common man has NO idea about. There is A LOT more to creating something special then just hitting record at your buddies house and that being it.

Genuine artists have visions. Ideas they hear in their heads that they are trying to interpret and pass on. It’s a labor of love, but labor none the less. Long hours and many nights, getting pissed off, second guessing, changing things, putting them back, and then changing them again. That’s why the whole thing takes so long.

But you never want to put yourself out there until you are absolutely CERTAIN that the product that you are putting out is an accurate reflection of who you are and the best you are capable of.

You may never be rich, or famous (yes, i’m gonna record that one) but you will be able to say that you did the best you possibly could. and that’s what it’s about Image


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