Live Through This: The evolution of Horace Holloway

It’s a crazy thing being able to work with your heroes.

There’s this guy. That has helped me GREATLY in my evolution to GENU-WINE recording artist. His name is Brett Williams. He writes and has written some killer songs, and was in a GREAT band that had a bit of success back in the late 90’s called “Mighty Joe Plum”. They had this album on Atlantic Records called “The Happiest Dogs” with this song “Live Through This (15 Stories)” that went to #6 on the modern rock charts.

happiest dogs

Why is this relevant? because without Brett and his help, the Horace Holloway that you know would not exist. I used to go to his house to talk songwriting, talk music, talk ideas. To show him things I’d come up with and get his take. to Jam and understand.

Do you know what it’s like to have a guy who wrote a top ten hit song (and a damn good one at that) tell you that you have good hooks and melodies and that he digs your lyrics?

It makes you keep going. it makes you push harder. it MAKES you believe.

Before this project evolved into what it’s become, the idea was to get Brett on board. To do a song together. and when it came time to ask, I was more nervous then I’d ever been. I’m sitting on his porch and my hands are shaking, and my chest is tight and my mind is going a mile a minute. and I’m spilling out all these ideas for the album and title. and I realize now that if he’d have said he couldn’t do it, if he would have declined, it may have killed the project before it got started.

But he didn’t, and he even helped me select the tracks that are on the “Tin Foil Stars” ep. and so began a series of FORTUNATE events.

Mighty Joe Plum “15 Stories” on Youtube:

Here’s to you Bretty boy, CHEERS!

Someplace’s Own,



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