Captain, the ship is operating at 45% capacity

Well, Some of you may have noticed, This is my WORK IN PROGRESS website. Yeah, I figured, “well, fuck it”, when it came to having this thing all done and ready to go before releasing it. You may notice it being worked on periodically.

It happens. We will get it there. It’ll get fancied up a bit in time for the album release which will be…..2013…..




But yeah, It’s coming. this is a tough line of work. especially when you are your own boss and your boss is a hard ass. I just have to get some things right, and then settle on final mixes. But yeah, tracking is 99% complete. So that means what is…is. Now I just have to make sure I have everything where I want it, how I want it, when I want it, with who I want it.


Making my way to legitimacy one step at a time, Hoping to capture the very prestigious and COMPLETELY unprofitable title of “Mid Level Band”.


Someplace’s own,




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