You can always get better

So, I will start taking guitar lessons again next month. I have heard a few times now “why do you need lessons? You already play.”


I suppose it’s true that I already play, but I am not a great guitar player. There are A LOT of areas that I could use improvement. and I, personally, learn better from other people then from, say, youtube or books, or DVD’s.

In my mind, I have a goal. I am CERTAINLY not there yet, and am not even close to reaching the professional level. Only a fool would laugh in the face of something that could make him better.

So I will go after it, I will learn everything I can, from everywhere I can, in order to make myself a more complete songwriter, performer, promoter, and person.


You can ALWAYS get better. ALWAYS, that what separates novice from pro, and good from great.


You have to go after it, and KEEP after it. It’s the only way.


Someplace’s own, HHblackandwhitedouble


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