Check out this AWESOME bio my buddy Zack wrote up for me! (hillaritive!)

When Horace Holloway isn’t humanely freezing eco hazardous amphibians, strolling for blackberries in the woods or climbing trees and meditating, you may find him stirring up his creative juices into music. When the sun is down, and alone with his thoughts, after completion of masturbation to internet redheads, this insomniac nature boy puts his pen to the pad. A true fan of literature and poetry, Horace Holloway’s story telling is what first captures your attention with songs that grasp every string of human emotion, a lyrical artist who paints pictures in the minds of listeners.

Although listening to his poetry through spoken word poems in a shop where herbal tea is in high demand would satisfy most, Horace Holloway’s music puts him in another category with tremendous talent firing from all cylinders, we listen and wonder why this backwoods ex-wigger is still running hot food for impatient assholes in Lakeland. “


Bio courtesy of Zachary S. Blue Whale



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