Auburndale City Con

AUBURNDALE CITY CON WAS UPON US! #CityCon for you Twitter folks….

# CityCon

and then it was over. and I am TIRED…..

Well. It went how I thought it would go. Small Con. Small town.

REALLY nice people.

Ran into some fellow Orlando City Soccer Club supporters (City Till I Die!)and had some friends come visit. Always cool. Had some Barbecue. Walked the dog. Laughed A LOT. Heard some great stories. Had PLENTY of coffee. (Thank God for Dunkin Donuts). Trekkies, Furry’s, a ZOMBIE Batman….


THIS is my buddy Paul
Me and Paul Bradford

HELL of a nice guy (even though he was a LIVERPOOL fan :p) who showed me some CREEPY pictures of real life ghost encounters he’s had as a member of Ghost Hunters: International. He’s been all over the WORLD searching for the truth behind paranormal encounters.

Cuddle Time!

There was a WICKED cool Delorean on premise

Back to the future

As well as a cool copy of “Christine” and a sweet Jurassic park jeep.

I had a TOTAL childhood flashback with Phil Moore from Nickelodeon (No, he is NOT the guy from Reading Rainbow hahaha He hears this all the time, he told me.)
Nick Arcade

a SUPER nice, wacky, zany, loud fella who was a HUGE Space Ghost fan.

and OF COURSE, as always, I had TONS of fun w/ my buddy George Lowe, the ghost with the most!

CON LIFE!!!!!!

My pal, George Lowe, on the job!

My pal, George Lowe, on the job!



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