Audio. Complete-io?

So, the music has officially been sent off for mastering.

That’s it. No more tweaking. Tossing. Turning. Pulling my hair out, or falling into a sobbing heap in my bathtub whilst taking a shower.

It’s done and over with.

Well. All the mix elements anyway.

It’s as good as we can get it. I just hope I haven’t been spoiled having so much time to sit and reflect on a record.

It makes you a little bit crazy, but as long as you stay true to the vision, I kind of enjoy not having to rush things. Doesn’t make it perfect. Just makes you happy.

My wrists still aren’t fixed, i suppose they ARE getting better though. The vitamin B6 and the new wrist braces are helping out. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve snuck off and played my electric guitar a few times.


Idk. I suppose that’s all for now. Eat less carbs, eat more greens, yada yada yada.

You know what you SHOULD do? Go listen to some new music. or old music. or ANY music. and ENJOY.


Someplace’s own,


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