Waiting for the winds to change

Well, I’m still down with Carpal Tunnel/ whatever the hell wrist issues. Been this way since January. Still can’t play at all. It suuuucks….

BUT, I haven’t let that stop me!

I had a cool dinner meeting w/ Jeff Cain of REMY ZERO to talk about my record, our mutual buddy Space Ghost, and all things musical. HELL of a great guy!

Even got my albums signed!

Even got my albums signed!

I have had a publishing deal presented to me 🙂 (still negotiating) and I got the album art in! I’ve also been working on some business and management courses, as well as honing my songwriting chops with Berklee college of music professor Pat Pattison.

Not bad for a guy with NO HANDS!!!

I try to stay busy 🙂 I’ve also been trying my hand at Golf,( weird, it doesn’t seem to bother my wrists) and intaking copious amounts of Minor League Baseball games to keep my mind off of it.

Speaking of staying busy, check out this great Edward Sandback illustration I scored at a thrift store while I was out hunting vinyls:

Edward Sandback Illustration/ drawing

Edward Sandback Illustration/ drawing

Senor Space Ghost has been trying to educate me on the world of art.

Speaking of vinyls, here’s my haul:

Simon and Garfunkel, Linda Ronstadt, and The Doors

We will be doing Tampa Bay Comic Con coming up, so make sure you stop by and say hi if you happen to be there!

Here’s to hoping for a fix for my wrists,

Someplace’s own,


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