Check it out! I’m featured in a music video!

So, My good friend Mark, aka Mayed, filmed a music video for a cover of Lana Del Ray’s “Videogame” , and I feature prominently in the video!

I’ve known Mark for a few years now, and we’ve had some great conversations. One of the hardest working guys I’ve met in the music business.

Super cool to have been asked to do in the first place, and it turned out well, I think! I’m quite pleased 🙂

I suppose, technically, this would be considered my acting “debut”, as far as video goes.

You can find more of Marks stuff at:

Very talented rapper, recording engineer, and video editor. and a guy who you’ll certainly be hearing more about if you follow what I’m up too.

If you’re looking for round two on HIS stuff, check out his song “Court Jester” on Youtube. FAN-TASTIC.

As far as MY stuff goes, we just got round two of the master back, needs a bit more work, and the album art is in!
Those of you who contributed to the ORIGINAL Kickstarter of mine ( years back ), get first dibs.

and we will probably do a pre-order campaign coming up, as well.

OR, if you read THIS far, and can’t wait, MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY, and I’ll give you a SNEAK PEEK!

Someplace’s own,



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