Meet my friends: Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk

Have I ever told you about my good friends from Canada? Do you like GREAT FREE MUSIC? With top notch production and sound?

Well then. I guess I shall fill you in! Continue reading!

A couple years back, I had some strangers from a far away land (Canada in pretty damn far from Florida) message me on a website called Couchsurfing.

After some deliberation, and upon learning these 2 folks were musicians in town to record, I decided to take a risk, and meet them for coffee!


Not only did they turn out to be GREAT people, but they were GREAT musicians on top of it!

They ended up recording a top notch record here in FL with Aaron Marsh of the band Copeland.

AND, you can get it FOR FREE, RIGHT HERE:

Just click the picture!

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folks record “Over Land and Sea”


The record turned out brilliantly, they toured like MADMEN, and they ended up winning multiple contests up in Canada.

Heck, they even stayed at my house!

So do yourself a favor, grab a free copy of the record, and say hey to my buddies while you’re at it!

Hop you enjoy!