Ok, so a bit of a surprise

I might be playing a show. YEP. Total surprise to me too, seeing as my forearms/wrists ain’t fixed yet. But such is life, sometimes.

By “might”, I mean “Am”.


Opening for the the FANTASTIC David Lareau and the Copperpots at the Orlando Brewing.




David Lareau was in a CRIMINALLY underrated band called “Mile” on Columbia Records back in the early 00’s.

He also happens to be a DAMN GOOD songwriter, BAD ASS guitar player, and one hell of a nice guy 🙂



Anyway, I’m excited. I don’t know how good my set will be, seeing as I haven’t really been able to practice or play for a YEAR (yeah….almost a year) now, but, fuck it.


You either do, or do not.


and at this point in time. I do.


Someplace’s own,