World cup fever




As some of you may or may not know, I am a big soccer fan. I first got into the sport by chance. A mere 4 years ago. During the World Cup in 2010. 

I kept seeing previews for “USA vs ENGLAND” USA vs ENGLAND” all the monster truck jam style hype that Sport channels put into upcoming rounds of gold and tennis matches and all sorts of sports related things. So I thought to myself. “OK, I like sports, I’ll bite, lets see what this is all about.” 


The next thing I know, Im watching Argentina play Mexico, on Telemundo, Spanish language broadcast, and even though I can’t understand a word they are saying, I’m screaming my head off, and totally in love with the game. 


It Clicked. 


Since then, I have gone on to support my local hometown club regularly, the Orlando City Lions (who will be making their MLS debut next year) and have been to a couple USA national team games as well. 

(The Picture above is from when I won tickets off the TV to see the USA play against Antigua and Barbuda) 


Anyway, It’s that time of year again. (or that time of the last 4 years, again) and the USA is heading to the World Cup in Brazil. We had a tough draw, with Ghana, Portugal and Germany in our group. 

So I have been scouring the internet, looking for articles and insight and understanding as to who our team will field, and what could happen. I’m all amped up on speculation. 


Soccer (football) is such an incredible sport, and once you get it, no other game can compare. Sorry that’s not music related, but it is life related. and it’s probably the 2nd most exciting thing happening this year (other then the release of my EP). 


On music related business, I have all the tracks off the EP done. I just need to sit with them, (as well as the additional audio track…shhhh) and then we will finalize the mixes and off they’ll go to be mastered. 


Once they are mastered, then it’s off to be pressed. and once they are presses? Well, game on. 


This is a SUPER exciting year for many reasons, and I’m looking forward to what the future brings.

Someplaces own, 



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